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Precision Machining Capabilites

VTI has been a leader in high quality, precision machine work for the Navy and commercial industry for over 35 years using modern machining systems for precision milling, grinding, turning, drilling, boring, sawing, and wire edming. It enables us to meet extremely tight tolerances for large or small jobs and specialty items.

Our milling capacity ranges from small bridgeports to a vert/horiz CNC mill with 118 inch travel. Our lathes range from small Clausings, a 13 inch Hitachi Seiki CNC, up to a 30 Inch CNC along with a 30 inch with a 12ft bed. Our wire EDM capabilities cover a three axis Brother HS-30 to a 5 axis Charmille, Robofil 300, up to 14.5" inches thick. Our grinders include small Harig's, a 10" x 21" inch surface grinder, and O.D. and cutter grinders. Our 25"x25" inch saw enables large sectioning capacity.

Equipment list
9 Manual lathes up to a 30" swing
4 CNC lathes up to a 30" swing
8 Bridgeport mills
2 Horiz/Vert CNC mills with 118" travel
4 Vert CNC mills with up to 50" travel
2 Manual Vert/Horiz mills with 80" travel
4 Wire EDM machines with a 14½ burning height
2 Plunge EDM machines; 1 with CNC controls
8 Surface Grinders up to 10" x 20" of travel
1 OD Grinder
Saw with a 25" height and 25" depth of cut

CNC Lathe
CNC Lathe
Bridgeport Mill
Bed Mill 1
Bed Mill 2
CNC Milling Center
CNC Hurco Machine Center
Fadal CNC Milling Center
Wire EDM
Wire EDM
Robofil EDM
Welding and Fabricating

Our welding and fabricating capabilities give Vangura Tool Inc. the versatility our customers need. Our qualifications cover a wide range of thickness and materials from Inconel, Stainless, Carbon Steel and Aluminum to dissimilar metals such as Inconel to S.S., Carbon Steel to S.S. and Inconel to Carbon Steel.

The specifications covered by our welders qualifications include ASME-BPVC Section IX, S9075-AQ-GIB-010/248, and AWS, in the SMAW and GTAW processes.

Nondestructive Testing

VTI offers both liquid penetrant and visual testing. Our personnel and procedures are qualified to SNT-TC1A per ASME codes or military specifications. We perform solvent removable penetrant inspection, but by utilizing our qualified sub-vendors, we are able to be a full service facility, offering magnetic particle testing, ultrasonic testing, radiographic testing, and all other types of non-destructive testing and specifications.

Mechanical Testing

VTI provides various mechanical testing, from Rockwell Hardness Testing, Load Testing, and Hydrostatic Pressure Testing, we have the equipment to properly test to your specific needs.

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